Comprehensive Eye Care

Eye wellness and health, visual enhancement needing contact lenses—regular/specialty or glasses-regular/sports, lids, orbit, cornea, ocular surface, cataract, glaucoma, retinal, diabetic & macular degeneration exams

Remember, just because you see well does not mean that your eyes may be okay; everyone (5 to 105) needs an eye exam at some point; most people need an eye exam every couple of years but if you have any symptoms or diseases such as diabetes or glaucoma, you will need an eye exam at least every year.

Center for Ocular Surface Excellence of NJ


At the Center for Ocular Surface Excellence of NJ and as a big part of EyeCare Consultants of NJ, we have the only center in New Jersey focused solely on the treatment of your ocular surface, including dry eyes.  We employ all necessary testing (dry eyes, ocular allergy, inflammation) and therapies needed to improve your ocular surface health.

Dry Eyes


Ocular Allergies

Contact Lenses

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts usually affect people as they get wiser in age; the world has come a long way in technology to remove cataracts and Drs. Swati and Jai employ all the latest techniques (including topical, no-injection,  & no-stitch) at the most cutting-edge of EyeCare surgical suites in NJ.  We employ only minimally-invasive techniques & get your visual recovery as quick as possible!

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Glaucoma is one of the most common causes of blindness in the world; a family history is a very strong risk factor.  Anyone can get it, so please get checked especially if you are at risk.  We use all modern technologies in addition to the exam to help aid in our diagnosis and treatment.  Our goal is to make sure you do not progress and we use a combination of medications/lasers/surgery to help control your eye pressure.  We were amongst the first centers in northern New Jersey to use MIGS (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery)


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Pterygium Surgery & Ocular Surface Rehabilitation

The ocular surface is one of the most important components of excellent vision; a damaged or irregular surface can lead to poor quality as well as quantity of vision.  We employ the latest techniques—medically and surgically, both in office and in the surgical suite, to help aid the restoration of the ocular surface.


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Diabetes and Retinopathy

As more and more people get diabetes, and even at a younger age, the risk of developing damage because of the diabetes goes up.  This includes heart disease, stroke, and, yes, even eye disease.  It is mandatory that every diabetic (even borderline or with insulin-resistance syndrome) gets a full diabetic eye exam at least once/year.  We work closely with your PCP to make sure that you get the most cutting-edge education, surveillance, and treatment of diabetic retinopathy.  Again, we have all modern technology to aid our doctors in the treatment of diabetic eye disease.


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Macular Degeneration

Smoking, poor nutrition, sun exposure and family history are the biggest of culprits for risk factors for macular degeneration; you may not even know you have it. As part of your comprehensive eye exam with us, you will know; again, we use all modern technologies to aid in our diagnosis and treatment of you.


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