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Precision Eye Health

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Precise, Customized Eye Health

Precision Eye Health

With our many decades of experience amongst all the eye care professionals & doctors at EyeCare Consultants of NJ, we aim to lead each patient on a unique journey for eye health in a very “precise, customized” way. Taking care of several thousands of community members over the years, both medically and surgically, we understand that people have different expectations, backgrounds, languages, abilities, visual needs, and systemic health issues. We will take care of all of you! Our team also helps you navigate your health insurance platform so you are not burdened by the challenges of changing coverage.

All of our doctors and surgical suites keep up with the latest technologies and innovations, whether it is efficient point-of-care testing for ocular surface disease and dry eye, imaging the retina for diabetes, providing drug delivery for glaucoma, or minimally invasive cataract or glaucoma surgery. We modernize our practice constantly by attending national and international meetings, conducting innovative research, connecting with other specialists, and interacting with the top companies in eyecare to trailblaze and provide the best, targeted, customized outcomes for our patrons’ eye health. This goal remains our top priority!

It’s “EyeCare because WeCare!”

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